Swap-it Guide

Swap-it  – Waste reduction by sharing!

Here’s a reminder of how it works:

You bring along items that you no longer need but that are still serviceable  and could be of use to someone else.

Large items can be advertised on the Swap-it Gallery page with a photograph – use the contact form to get in touch.

While you’re there, browse around find items  that you would like to take away and use. No money changes hands – it’s simply a n opportunity to cut down on unnecessary waste.

The aim is to reduce, reuse and recycle! Have a look at this article on Waste Hierarchy for more information

No Charge! (Just a Donation Tin)

Since Chiddgreen covers the cost to the Hall, and we take care of the residual items by taking them to the Community Recycling Centre at Witley, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pop along. (Please don’t use the Swap-it as an alternative to making a trip there yourself with real rubbish. we want items that genuinely have some life left in them!)

We have a collection tin for donations for contributions to our costs. If you are delighted with what you find, appreciate the opportunity to reduce waste, and can afford to, we’d appreciate a few pounds in return.

Nothing to swap? No worries – you can still take something away.

Don’t want to take anything away? No problem! If you’re trying to de- clutter and would just like to donate stuff, you can.

What sort of things can be brought?

Books, toys, tools, pictures, hats, bikes, pushchairs, small items of furniture  (or photographs  of large items).  Garden tools, surplus insulation, ‘nearly-new’ things that you or the children have grown out of, or unwanted but usable gifts or craft materials. Indeed,  any useful items as long as they are not worn-out, broken, electrical, toxic,  hazardous, or alive!

Exceptional items for SALE ( to help us fund the operation)

We serve refreshments at a very reasonable price –  Coffee and tea and  home-made cakes, and squash for thirsty children.

We have some top quality hessian shopping-bags. These will continue to help you reduce your use of plastic carrier-bags in future, and can of course be used as swapping- bags! £4.50 each or £8 for two at our events. Shops in Chiddingfoold sell them at £4.99.

We brighten things up with a few plants, and home-laid eggs  and home-grown seasonal fruit and veg. We usually price these items to limit someone bagging the lot straight away. You can buy them from a table near the door, usually less than half the retail price!

Anything else?

We use the money to pay for the hall, and to cover our expenses.  After that, any surplus is used to keep Chiddgreen events ‘free’ and accessible to all. When we have a healthy balance, we donate to charities with a local connection that share our values in protecting the environment and promoting local skills.

( If you want to help with the event, please contact us via the website contact form.

Jane Devlin

* If you send me the image, I can post them on the web page in advance – please email!

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