Swap it Day October 2010

Chiddgreen Swap It Day

Chiddgreen held its fifth Swap It Day, at the Village Hall last month, and once again people took advantage of the opportunity to pass on unwanted items that still have a useful life. It was my first Swap it Day and from the start it was clear there was a hum in the hall as items large and small arrived and disappeared.  Sometimes these involve a change of use with one excellent example being some demijohns:  their owners had decided that their wine-making days were over but thought that someone else might like to

take up the hobby.  However another local, who is a florist, declared them exactly what she had been searching for to contain the flower displays for a vintage-style wedding.  Both parties were delighted with the swap.

At the end of the morning we sorted out the remaining saleable items to go to the Brownies’ Christmas Fair (yet more recycling). Sadly a couple of car boot loads did have to end up at the tip’s recycling facilities this year but it certainly demonstrated that sometimes things can have a new life in a way we hadn’t thought of, so watch out for our next event.

NB For those who were disappointed not to be able to swap larger items of furniture, why not try posting your offer in C-Bay in this magazine?

Wendy Lockwood

eBike event a great success

The ‘Electric Bike’ evening held on 30th June on Chiddingfold green was a great success, with around 60 people trying out a variety of electric bikes. This experience enabled all of those who tried out

You can no prescription on our shop.

the bikes to recognise the enormous benefits that these bikes could offer commuters and those who want to travel to nearby  towns without using cars.

eBike event

Chidd Green and PowaRider (of Woking)

Are hosting a  “Try an Electric Bike” evening on Chiddingfold Village Green on Wednesday 30th June 2010 at 6:30- 9:00 pm.

Five Facts about Electric Bikes

  1. They are FUN! Everyone who tries an electric bike is impressed, and has a huge smile on their face –  why not come along and try one on 30th June?
  2. They  FLATTEN the hills : you keep pedalling at the same rate but the motor helps you maintain your speed up  the steeper

    inclines. This means that you can average about 18 miles an hour, even around Surrey, with all the hills!

  3. The FINANCES make sense: it costs just 8p to recharge the battery to give you a range of about 20 miles. That means I can commute to work in Godalming for about 40p a week. Compare that with running your car, taking the train, or catching the bus! Compare the cost of running your car to the cost of the most expensive electric bike you can buy (£2500) at this website: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/cost-of-your-car-calculator
  4. They help you get FIT and stay FIT! I use my bike far more now I have an electric motor on it. I actually take more exercise than if I didn’t have an electric bike. If you have a child-seat or trailer-back, the electric motor will help you keep cycling instead of using the car.
  5. Finally, an electric bike as a really small carbon FOOTPRINT: they use virtually no electricity, and I get my electricity on a green tariff, which makes the carbon FOOTPRINT even smaller!

If you want to find out more about the event, please contact Jane Devlin (jane@thedevlins.biz). If you want to know more about PowaRider then try their website or speak to Steve Mills on 0845 170 485 and say you read about the event in this magazine.

If you want hear a podcast on electric bikes from the BBC – http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b00rtfhg

Local Produce

Chiddgreen supports the sustainable ethos of buying local produce

and resources in order to support our local economy and reduce our own carbon footprints.

Chiddingfold Parish website has a directory of local businesses, follow the link http://www.chiddingfold-pc.gov.uk/