Inner Circle

What is the Inner Circle?


Chiddgreen does not have a ‘committee’ but an ‘inner circle’ which is almost the same thing, except we don’t expect everyone to come along to every meeting.

The inner circle consists of the Chair, The Secretary, The Treasurer and about 8 other members who help to run events and make Chiddgreen a success. We stay in touch through emails and hold our meetings in one of our local pubs, The Crown, The Swan or The Winterton.

We are – like every other voluntary group on planet Earth – always hoping new people will join us and help out! If you fancy joining the Inner Circle, just come along to one of our events and have a chat.  

We keep all our documents, notes to meetings, risk assessments and Check Lists for events on Google- so anyone can remind themselves any time about the way we do things around here.

The password is a closely guarded secret – |(the clue is in Chiddgreen’s logo)  it opens the secret chest of delights – the magnificent design of the Smoothie Bike, and most importantly, top tips and check lists so we remember everything we need to run an event!

If you’d like to join the inner circle,  and to gain access to our secret inner circle secrets, come along to one of our events and we’ll include you in emails, invitations to meetings and give you the password for the inner circle pages. Simple!





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