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At Chiddgreen we take the privacy of our visitors seriously. We take all reasonable efforts to make sure that every visitor’s privacy when using this website is secure. We are a tiny voluntary group with high standards but not much resource.

We do not collect data from visitors unless it is provided to us by you. For example if a visitor completes a questionnaire on our site or registers for our newsletter  we will have to collect personal data.  But that’s where it stops.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

We like to know who is taking an interest in Chiddgreen, and so we might have anonymous statistical information regarding our users such as demographic information. We will never pass your data to third parties for any reason! Ever. That is a promise.

If you have any questions regarding Chiddgreen’s privacy policy please email.

We sent an email campaign to the old list on 16 May 2018 – read it here.

Jane Devlin (Chair) April 2018 (updated 2020)

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