2018 Swap-it Dates

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Spring Swap-it! in the Village Hall 10:00 am sharp 
Saturday 17 March 2018
Please bring useful and clean items that have a bit of life left in them. Dive in and find fabulous nearly-new items to avoid buying new stuff. Either way, Chiddgreen want to make things last longer, and reduce waste. The Community Recycling Centre in Witley accepts any unsuitable items – please don’t abuse this event. We reserve the right to refuse to accept things which are unlikely to be coveted by anyone. If in doubt, you can email me.


Autumn Swap-it! in the Village Hall 10:00 am sharp 
Saturday 29 September  2018  

2017 Swapit

Saturday 18 March

Please bring items to be dropped before 11am.

Village Hall, Chiddingfold – watch out for the large banner on the railings outside.

Bring cakes if you can.





2015 Autumn Swap-it Day Saturday 17 October

The famous Swap-it day is back!smilies

Having a late summer clear out? Remember re-using is the most environmentally responsible thing to do!

Saturday 17 October 10am ’til noon. (Best things go in the first hour.)

Chiddgreen provides the opportunity to swap things – you can bring and collect as many items as you like – just make a small donation.

reuse cyclesWe like…  Nice clothes that no longer fit, kitchen gear that you don’t have room for, garden tools you don’t use any more, surplus craft materials, and toys, books and small items of furniture.

We don’t like…anything toxic, electrical or alive! And anything that is broken or beyond repair – please take all these items to be recycled to the community recycling centre in Witley!

Large items – just send a photograph. There are really no limits: the biggest thing we have helped find a new home was a concrete garage!

Spring Swap-it Saturday 28 March

Excellent news! We are hosting our next Swap it Saturday at the Village Hall on 28 March. 10 am sharp – because it is usually all over by 11:30 am.

reuse cycles

How does it work? Read our quick guide.

What else is there? HoRepurpose_Doorwaysme made cakes and some things for sale – all to help cover our costs.

Please make a donation to help Chiddgreen as well.

Thank you


Swap-It 10 am Saturday 4 October

larged revisedswap it Autumn2014Join us –  and help reduce waste!

All events are FREE! but please make a donation and help to pay for the event by buying cake and a drink

All additional help welcome – just ask someone in a green apron.


Wonderful Woodfuel

Bags of logs for collection.
Bags of logs for collection.

Take a look at the gallery. 12 people, 2 cakes, litres and litres of squash, and more than 10 bags of logs, and a much tidier wood! Thank you to all who came, and if you want some logs there are a few leftover. Contact us to sort out a time if you want to collect unseasoned hardwood logs (perfect for next winter!) Full bags are £5 each – and you get to keep the bag!

Spring Swap-It! Saturday 3 May 10am

FREE Swap-it! event

NEW! Swap-it Gallery page for pictures of larger items.

Chiddingfold Village Hall on Saturday 3 May 10 am.

Join us with your useful but unwanted items, and collect items to be treasured or upcycled.

Plan your clear-out  and join us for  a rummage. Teas, cakes and (probably) plants for sale.



Cooking with Cultures (followed by AGM)

Join us on Wednesday 26 February 8pm in St Mary’s Church Room

Eva Bakkeslett presents a talk and tasting

 Cooking with Living Cultures

Before we had refrigeration, using cultures to preserve and prolong the shelf-life of food were widespread. Using cultures costs nothing, and the results are delicious!

Join us for an evening of taste exploration featuring Sourdough bread, kefir and  live yogurt.

Wednesday 26 February 8pm in St Mary’s Church Room

We will have plenty to taste and to share. At the end, there will be an opportunity to take some of the cultures home to have a go yourself. Please bring a clean jar or two with a tight-fitting lid. A tea-towel to wrap bread in might also be useful – if there is any left to take home!

All Chiddgreen events are FREE!

Please let us know if you are coming – use the contact form or email info@ chiddgreen.org

2014 AGM is scheduled at the end of the talk. 2013 Minutes   and 2014 Agenda (Docs open in Google Docs in a new window)

If you enjoy the ‘taster session’ maybe you’d like to spend a day at the Fintry Trust just up the road with Eva – Please contact her directly about spaces on 5 April 2014

Seasonal Shop

Chiddgreen Seasonal ‘Shop’

17062013_Elderflower floret wide





Elderflower Cordial on canada viagra pharmacies scam sale in the local shops. Locally produced and bottled by our members. All profits support the work of Chiddgreen.  SOLD OUT! (Please contact us if you want to order some direct for next year!

Smoothie Bike  Still available for hire – for 10 % of your takings – please contact us.