Chiddgreen Spring Walk

Chiddgreen Spring Walk and AGM

A dozen people came out for a 2 mile stroll around the village. Afterwards we enjoyed  celebrating 20 years of Chiddgreen with cake at our AGM.

The Walk (taking in proposed development sites around the village.)

A warm and pleasant evening walk around the village, taking in some splendid views and catching a glimpse of bluebells in the woods.

We benefited from Christine Tebbot’s commentary about the progress and status of various sites around the village.  Did you know that the official village boundary (set in the 1990s by Waverley Borough Council) excludes some of the older properties that are actually right in the middle of the village?

We all agreed that this is nonsense. And looking forward to the opportunity to have our say in the up-coming  Neighbourhood Plan consultation.  More details on the Parish Website

Discussing the Chiddingfold Neighbourhood Plan

We considered the proposed site for a larger village car-park – the idea will be to extend the village hall and displace cars parked on the Green (hurrah!) to this site on Coxcombe lane. The pond will be landscaped and offer more habitat fro wildlife to flourish.

The open green space behind the homes to the north of Woodside Road is unlikely to be come a ‘Village Green’, but could be a dedicated open space, to enable the activities there to continue: keeping chickens ( see photo below – I am sure those are ducks…) and  space for children to play.

Open Space to the north of Woodside Road

Please sign up to our newsletter to find out when you can join a walk similar to this when the consultation opens in a few weeks.






The AGM started at about 8:10, and was all done by 8 :35.


Chiddgreen Celebrates 20 years with a cake.  We had a quiet year – see the link to the minutes at the bottom of the page.

Chiddgreen Celebrates 20 years with a cake

Jane Devlin is voted as Chair for another year, supported by Rosie as Treasurer Everyone else is happy to be part of the  ‘Inner Circle’. It is a wonderful thing to  contribute by helping to run the Festival Smoothie Stall and Swap-it! events.

Environmental sustainability is our thing – we have links with other green groups and are happy to help with advice and guidance.

We updated the constitution sightly – new version here.

The Neighbourhood Plan is taking shape and we want Chiddingfold to continue to be a wonderful and sustainable village through the proposed plans.

We also meet in the pub for ‘Meet and Green’ conversations. approximately every 8 weeks. Contact us to find out when the next opportunity is.

Full AGM minutes and Chair’s report 

Swap-it! in the snow!



Thank you! Everyone who came out on the snowiest Swap-it! day ever – we had a lovely community event. There were some amazing swaps – including some lovely toys and small items of furniture, ready to inspire new owners.


On the Swap-it! outsize list, we had a complete chicken house Eglu and run (see

Apparently, the happy new hen-keepers will in fact be the third owners of  this ‘top-notch’ nest. Great donation, and a perfect example of why our local Swap-it! day makes sense.


We also had Max – Chiddingfold’s Mr Fix-it – but because of the snow, not too many people brought things to be mended. I am working with Transition Haslemere to start a ‘Repair Cafe’ – but we think we will need quite a lot of volunteers. Watch this space. In the meantime, Max will be happy to advise and help you keep from throwing useful stuff away.



The next Swap-it! is Saturday 29 September 2018



Mapping a Sustainable future

Chiddgreen is supporting the Neighbourhood Plan for Chiddingfold, and the next event hosted by the Neighbourhood Plan steering group is all about maps and spacial plans. It will be held on
Wednesday 26 November at  8pm, refreshments provided.
The Villagers on Woodside Road

We will be working with maps and plans to add detail to the Neighbourhood Plan theme & visions developed so far.  You might like to add ideas and locations for community development spaces: what you think really matters.

Sign up for emails here –

What to Expect

This is an opportunity to set out a framework to guide everyone – villagers, developers, the planning authority and service providers – about Chiddingfold’s future development. The whole Neighbourhood Plan process aims to offer a measure of control over what happens in our village. It also helps create a strong community and ensure a sustainable future for the services, facilities and environment of the Parish in the next 15 years.

On 29 October we heard about the consultation so far, and from the working groups:

  • Infrastructure and Wellbeing
  • Recreation, Culture and Sustainability
  • Housing, Heritage and Design
  • Employment and Business

All the presentations are are available to look at, and download at
Also…There is  a Google+ page where you can add your thoughts. (You need to set up a Google account if you don’t already have one.)

Chiddingfold Neighbourhood Plan – Join in!

Meeting at The Village Hall on Wed 29 October at 8pm.

Find out more …and  how it relates to Waverley’s Local Plan.

The picture shows the proposed extension to Chiddingfold’s village boundaries. The wheels of government seem to move so slowly,  but Watch Out!  when there is a movement, it seems like an earthquake – so many things change at once.

2014-09-16  Proposed change to settlement boundary

The Local Plan seems to be all about housing. There is a ‘presumption in favour of Sustainable Development’. If, like us (and the UN, by the way), you think that a sustainable approach is Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, then you will want to have an input – there seems to be a lack of ‘joined-up’ thinking about school places, transport systems that encourage and promote low-carbon solutions, and things like employment for local people, local supply chains and protecting our natural environment – everything from amenity land to how we handle water supply, waste water and recycling. And will all these houses be low-energy buildings? Or have financing options to make them more affordable? These issues need debate and discussion!

How to find out more…

The Neighbourhood Plan (NP) seems to have been under discussion for ages, with plenty of proposals outlined and captured in various places.

Come along to a meeting in the

Village Hall on Tuesday 28 October  8pm  to hear more

Come prepared! Try these links

A quick guide to Neighbourhood planning

Chiddingfold Parish Council’s NP page

Waverley Consultation on Housing Proposals ( but BE QUICK – it closes on 17 October)

The map of proposed extension of the village boundary (also the featured image)


Waverley’s Housing Options exhibition came to Chiddingfold on Wednesday 1st October for just two hours (11am- 1pm!), and we had very little notice), … If you want to complain about  the process – please send an email to the leader of Waverley council:

My email reads like this:

Dear Mr Knowles,

I live in Chiddingfold and wish to complain about the process for generating interest in the Local Plan. I missed the Local Plan proposals Exhibition. It only came to the village for two hours on a Wednesday. No one I know even saw it! Emails were sent out to local groups by our local Parish Council on the morning of the 1st – very poor show indeed!

I feel the consultation is not really designed to engage local people in having a say in developing a sustainable plan for our area, and in particular my village and the surrounding areas.

There seems to be so much missing;  how the plan deals with  nursery and school places ( I am a Governor at a Secondary School);  an approach to transport  that  encourages cycling and walking, yet caters sustainably for everyone; employment, businesses and the economy; amenity spaces, from organised sport to enjoying the wider natural environment; …I could go on. Especially, I notice a gap around how the presumption in favour of a low-carbon future that I care about can be implemented in an open and transparent way.

We need to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Crucially, an ability to allow residents to shape their own needs is slipping.

Making Waves may have been sent to every household and business, but you are not providing the opportunity for organised groups to have debate and discussion.  You still have the opportunity to change the process for the better, and engage with more than a tiny minority of people beyond local politicians and officials currently likely to have a meaningful input. The cost may be more than the budget, but the cost of getting it wrong will be felt  by many for many years to come.

I urge you to divert more resources into communicating and listening to interested parties via local groups (like Chiddgreen that I help to run) and using channels that are easy and flexible to engage with. Making Waves and the paper consultation only presents a limited and restricted question about the numbers of homes – nothing about energy performance of those homes, environmental impact of increased numbers of homes on a variety of other infrastructure issues, and makes no mention of objective measures of sustainability.

….signed in the usual way…









Community Wood-fuel Launched

The first ‘Logs for Labour scheme was a great success on Saturday 15 February, despite stormy weather.

The idea, supported by Transition Haslemere and Chiddgreen, is aimed at bringing local woodlands into sustainable management, and providing a source of affordable and renewable fuel.

25 volunteers joined Jane and Bruce Devlin in their woods near Grayswood to help move and process fallen trees into suitable logs for wood-burners. All those who wanted logs loaded up their cars, and there were still logs galore left at the end. Surplus logs are available to members to collect for a donation.

Membership costs £40 for 2014, and a donation of £10 is suggested for a ‘boot-full’ of logs. Money is spent on necessary chain-saw work to make the woods safe for volunteers, basic equipment like saws and loppers used at events, and to cover the cost of refreshments.

The next events are planned on Saturday 8 March, and Saturday 22 March. More information on the Transition Haslemere or Chiddgreen websites.

If you have some woodland and you can offer logs in exchange for help, the organisers would love to hear from you.


A joint ‘Logs for Labour’ Scheme supported by Chiddgreen and Transition Haslemere

Loads of Wood - The Original Renewable Fuel
Loads of Wood – The Original Renewable Fuel