Green Network

 Collaboration, Co-operation and making green connections

As a small group within a village we want to expand our green ethos. We want to make more links to other groups that share our values and vision.

Here are some links to like-minded active voluntary groups – if they host events, Chiddgreen aims to promote them. And if people from Chiddingfold goes, we can share lifts, or provide updates afterwards at one of our informal gatherings.

Transition Haslemere.

Transition Town Farnham. 

The ‘Greening’ campaign fits our aims too. Guildford Environmental Forum  provides resources previously produced by  Greening Godlaming

Energy Alton

Farnham Repair Cafe

Free Forest School at Fowlshatch Copse

Interested in joining us for a free afternoon of fun in the forest on Saturday 30 April?
Everyone is welcome, and there are no age limits!  Please wear appropriate warm or waterproof clothes and footwear that you don’t mind getting messy.
Debs, Jeannette, Bruce and I are sorting out materials, marshmallows and monsters for the event. Only kidding – but we will have a bonfire and use one of home-made log stoves to boil water when we stop for a chat and a cuppa.
Activities include making pendants, building dens and collecting woodland materials.
We want everyone to enjoy the event and be safe, so please arrive promptly for 2pm. If you are coming by car, please park in Frillinghurst Wood entrance on Prestwick Lane – and follow the yellow signs to the event. Map
You will then choose which activities to do, and hear the Introduction to the event. Children of all ages need to bring a grown-up with them who can stay for the whole event.
There is no charge for the event itself, but we need to ask for a donation towards the cost of bought-in materials. Tea, coffee and squash are provided, but it would be lovely if you brought a cake to share.

1 May is also the International Dawn Chorus Day, and a few people are planning to rise early (about 5 am) and join us in the tranquility of the early morning to hear one of the wonders of the natural world: an English spring dawn chorus. Once the birds have entertained us, we share a pot-luck** breakfast
** everyone brings something to share, so prepare to surprise and be surprised!

2015 Autumn Swap-it Day Saturday 17 October

The famous Swap-it day is back!smilies

Having a late summer clear out? Remember re-using is the most environmentally responsible thing to do!

Saturday 17 October 10am ’til noon. (Best things go in the first hour.)

Chiddgreen provides the opportunity to swap things – you can bring and collect as many items as you like – just make a small donation.

reuse cyclesWe like…  Nice clothes that no longer fit, kitchen gear that you don’t have room for, garden tools you don’t use any more, surplus craft materials, and toys, books and small items of furniture.

We don’t like…anything toxic, electrical or alive! And anything that is broken or beyond repair – please take all these items to be recycled to the community recycling centre in Witley!

Large items – just send a photograph. There are really no limits: the biggest thing we have helped find a new home was a concrete garage!

AGM 2015 and a New Smoothie Bike

Thanks to everyone who came along, especially Rob & Jeannette Walker, who not only identified all the wild flowers in the meadows and woods during the walk, but provided delicious refreshments for the gathered greenies.  The Little Barn is part of the fabulous child-care facilities – more information

Notes to the meeting are available to read – LINK to 2015 AGM notes

The main news is that we resolved to purchase a professionally made smoothie bike. It will be ready for the Summer Fete Smoothie stall on Chiddingfold Green on Sunday 14 June from noon.

Use the contact form to let us know if you can come and help…or if you have any folding chairs to help set a cafe-style seating area for the stall.



Meet me on the Corner

AGM  Meet me on the corner:  Wednesday 20 May

The AGM is almost here – it will be short, with a ramble before-hand.
7pm walk, followed by AGM at 8pm  (A ramble followed by uh, a ramble!)
Meet at the top of  Ridgley and Woodside Road, just outside the Surgery. We will do a favourite walk and hope to spot some birds and other wildlife. There will be a tree quiz on the way around. The we meet at The Barn with the AGM at 8pm. All the current committee will be standing again, so there should be very little fuss. If you can;t make the walk, join us at The Barn at 8pm.

Summer Events – Chiddgreen will be offering cold drinks at the Summer Fete again this year, and hosting some woodland events to promote the use of wood-fuel. If you have a wood-burner and want to help maintain local sustainable woodlands, reply to this email, or come along to the AGM.

The Spring Swap-it day was a great success – maybe because we have a new banner – watch out for this sign outside the village hall in the week before the next event ( save the date – 17 October …it seems a way off, but it will come around very soon. More details on the web site

Any offers of help to run the event gratefully received, (just reply to this email) as we need help with setting up and clearing away, serving refreshments and keeping things moving.

Spring Swap-it Saturday 28 March

Excellent news! We are hosting our next Swap it Saturday at the Village Hall on 28 March. 10 am sharp – because it is usually all over by 11:30 am.

reuse cycles

How does it work? Read our quick guide.

What else is there? HoRepurpose_Doorwaysme made cakes and some things for sale – all to help cover our costs.

Please make a donation to help Chiddgreen as well.

Thank you


Mapping a Sustainable future

Chiddgreen is supporting the Neighbourhood Plan for Chiddingfold, and the next event hosted by the Neighbourhood Plan steering group is all about maps and spacial plans. It will be held on
Wednesday 26 November at  8pm, refreshments provided.
The Villagers on Woodside Road

We will be working with maps and plans to add detail to the Neighbourhood Plan theme & visions developed so far.  You might like to add ideas and locations for community development spaces: what you think really matters.

Sign up for emails here –

What to Expect

This is an opportunity to set out a framework to guide everyone – villagers, developers, the planning authority and service providers – about Chiddingfold’s future development. The whole Neighbourhood Plan process aims to offer a measure of control over what happens in our village. It also helps create a strong community and ensure a sustainable future for the services, facilities and environment of the Parish in the next 15 years.

On 29 October we heard about the consultation so far, and from the working groups:

  • Infrastructure and Wellbeing
  • Recreation, Culture and Sustainability
  • Housing, Heritage and Design
  • Employment and Business

All the presentations are are available to look at, and download at
Also…There is  a Google+ page where you can add your thoughts. (You need to set up a Google account if you don’t already have one.)

Logs4Labour Sunday 2 November

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month! Whilst it is still mild, collecting seasoned logs before they get damp is an important job. Join us and help to process last year’s seasoned timber piles, and you will be rewarded with a boot-load of logs.

Renewing our insurance this month, so donations are especially welcome 😉

More details about our scheme on Fowlshatch Copse web pages

And if you want to buy a short stove or a long candle take a look at the new on-line store.


Sustainability Supper!

Join us on Saturday 18 October at 6pm until 9pm at Imbhams Farm.

Pot-Luck supper – bring something to share – but not too much…

Transition Haslemere will be sharing soup, cooked on a Swedish Stove – maybe you saw the pictures in the Herald and in the Surrey Advertiser?

Please let us know if you are coming – all welcome!