The Demise of Chiddgreen

Sadly, the membership of this once wonderful and committed group has dwindled to almost no members.

This website will remain open until December 2021.

The residual funds are being distributed according to the votes cast by the remaining 20 or so people who still live in Chiddingfold and who have made a significant contribution.

We are grateful to the Chiddingfold Bonfire Association for helping to keep the money safe until it can be spent.

The choices for using the residual funds to benefit the village of Chiddingofld and the environment are:

  1. To plant a tree/small group of trees and install a bench on Chiddingfold Green. We have the support of Chiddingfold Parish Council.
  2. Birdboxes/Batboxes – to be distributed to residents pledging to put them in gardens in and around Chiddingfold. We will aim to help install these once we have a decision.
  3. Donation to Chiddingfold Bonfire The volunteers of the Chiddingfold Bonfire Association were nominated for the prestigious 2020 Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) . Apart from the annual bonfire, our village benefits from their support for elderly and vulnerable residents, and ‘Helping Hands’ – ‘working parties’ on the green, in the school, the village hall and churchyard. 
  4. Support the Wonderful Wildflower initiative which in turn supports the conservation efforts for the Wood White butterfly. 

A survey is open for supporters to indicate which of these will benefit. To login and complete the survey click here.

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