Meet me on the Corner

AGM  Meet me on the corner:  Wednesday 20 May

The AGM is almost here – it will be short, with a ramble before-hand.
7pm walk, followed by AGM at 8pm  (A ramble followed by uh, a ramble!)
Meet at the top of  Ridgley and Woodside Road, just outside the Surgery. We will do a favourite walk and hope to spot some birds and other wildlife. There will be a tree quiz on the way around. The we meet at The Barn with the AGM at 8pm. All the current committee will be standing again, so there should be very little fuss. If you can;t make the walk, join us at The Barn at 8pm.

Summer Events – Chiddgreen will be offering cold drinks at the Summer Fete again this year, and hosting some woodland events to promote the use of wood-fuel. If you have a wood-burner and want to help maintain local sustainable woodlands, reply to this email, or come along to the AGM.

The Spring Swap-it day was a great success – maybe because we have a new banner – watch out for this sign outside the village hall in the week before the next event ( save the date – 17 October …it seems a way off, but it will come around very soon. More details on the web site

Any offers of help to run the event gratefully received, (just reply to this email) as we need help with setting up and clearing away, serving refreshments and keeping things moving.

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