Mapping a Sustainable future

Chiddgreen is supporting the Neighbourhood Plan for Chiddingfold, and the next event hosted by the Neighbourhood Plan steering group is all about maps and spacial plans. It will be held on
Wednesday 26 November at  8pm, refreshments provided.
The Villagers on Woodside Road

We will be working with maps and plans to add detail to the Neighbourhood Plan theme & visions developed so far.  You might like to add ideas and locations for community development spaces: what you think really matters.

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What to Expect

This is an opportunity to set out a framework to guide everyone – villagers, developers, the planning authority and service providers – about Chiddingfold’s future development. The whole Neighbourhood Plan process aims to offer a measure of control over what happens in our village. It also helps create a strong community and ensure a sustainable future for the services, facilities and environment of the Parish in the next 15 years.

On 29 October we heard about the consultation so far, and from the working groups:

  • Infrastructure and Wellbeing
  • Recreation, Culture and Sustainability
  • Housing, Heritage and Design
  • Employment and Business

All the presentations are are available to look at, and download at
Also…There is  a Google+ page where you can add your thoughts. (You need to set up a Google account if you don’t already have one.)