Woodland Workshop – Kindling

STOP PRESS – New Time 3 pm Please let us know if you are coming using the contact form.

Ever wondered why those nets of kindling you get in the supermarket cost £4 or £5? We think it is definitely worth figuring out how to make your own.
Come along to Fowlshatch Copse on Sunday 21 September 10am  3pm and have a go at developing your skills – safely! We have a number of small axes to be used, but if you have your own bring it along.
Please use the contact form to let us know if you are coming along and how many people. Dogs and children welcome. (We will send a map,and directions!)
Since we cannot all be chopping at the same time, please also bring something to eat and share. Everyone will be able to collect some kindling for free – the cold weather is on its way. Log Bags for sale £3 each.
We are also happy to answer questions about the Logs4Labour events for the 2014-15 season.

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