Chiddingfold Culture Club (and AGM 2014)

More than 30 people joined Chiddgreen in St Mary’s Church Room for the AGM and an inspiring talk by Eva Bakkeslett. We learned about sourdough, kefir and making our own yogurt. Eva is so knowledgeable and tells a great story about her experiences. She is the only woman I know who has taken her yogurt to bed with her: it was a cold night in Prague, and the culture needed to be kept warm – body temperature in fact. So she improvised, with very satisfactory results!

We all had a go at kneading the dough, and enjoyed a sample of freshly baked bread with butter and honey. The smells and smiles were wonderful.

More information on Eva’s site

Eva was thanked by Jane Devlin, and presented with flowers and a ‘Making Chiddingfold Greener’ hessian bag.

The AGM reports are available at

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