Cooking with Cultures (followed by AGM)

Join us on Wednesday 26 February 8pm in St Mary’s Church Room

Eva Bakkeslett presents a talk and tasting

 Cooking with Living Cultures

Before we had refrigeration, using cultures to preserve and prolong the shelf-life of food were widespread. Using cultures costs nothing, and the results are delicious!

Join us for an evening of taste exploration featuring Sourdough bread, kefir and  live yogurt.

Wednesday 26 February 8pm in St Mary’s Church Room

We will have plenty to taste and to share. At the end, there will be an opportunity to take some of the cultures home to have a go yourself. Please bring a clean jar or two with a tight-fitting lid. A tea-towel to wrap bread in might also be useful – if there is any left to take home!

All Chiddgreen events are FREE!

Please let us know if you are coming – use the contact form or email info@

2014 AGM is scheduled at the end of the talk. 2013 Minutes   and 2014 Agenda (Docs open in Google Docs in a new window)

If you enjoy the ‘taster session’ maybe you’d like to spend a day at the Fintry Trust just up the road with Eva – Please contact her directly about spaces on 5 April 2014

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