Great Swap-It Saturday

A big Green Thank You

to everyone who brought, took and helped to reduce waste last Saturday. Better to be a Swapper than a Shopper!

We estimated a whopping 30 cubic meters of previously loved stuff walked out of the village hall – the beginning of  the next chapter of usefulness with new owners. The residue – the items left at the end of the event – fitted into two cars to be taken to the Witely recycling centre or to charity shops. Really, this is a good indicator of the high-quality of  items brought along to swap: most things brought along were useful to someone!

Examples of things delighted people collected included..

  • a compost tumbler – almost new.
  • several bicycles – rather dusty from being in a shed too long, but soon to be part of someone’s new exercise regime.
  • some lovely wicker baskets of various shapes and sizes –  for use as a kindling-store, an umberella-stand, and a vegetable-rack.
  • a number of small-animal carry-cases that looked brand new to me.
  • a wonderful, if  wobbly small table  – perfect as a renovation project
  • a rake, a fork and a hoe – all in good nick. These tools didn’t even reach the table before three new owners bagged them.

There were some great stories, too: one person brought some ‘antique’  straight-back chairs, and swapped them for some more modern ply-and-metal  chairs. A dining-room make-over made simple!   And a new use was found for those plastic-covered metal racks previously used as shelves – a discussion between swappers came up with the idea to position them in the garden to grow seedlings through to prevent birds (chickens, actually) from pecking the ground bare.

Tea and Coffee with a home-baked cake or biscuit was only £1, so  lots of people stayed to watch the procession of goods arrive – and leap to their feet if they saw something for them. Everyone was smiling – it is a good feeling to give something away to someone who will really appreciate it. And even better when you find something useful that has only cost you the time to look, and a donation in the Chiddgreen tin.

Talking of money, we collected enough in donations and sales of rhubarb to cover our costs, and made a small surplus. We will use the money to fund events that don’t make a surplus, because we aim to keep our events ‘free’ and open to everyone. We also use the money to help to pay the expenses of speakers who we invite to give talks in the colder months.

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Next Event is the Village Fete on Sunday 9 June when we will be running a Smootie Stall, complete with the famous Smoothie-Bike. If you want to help on the day, please drop us a note via the Contact Us page.

Jane Devlin  May 2013



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