2nd Electric bike evening

Smiles All Around The Green

Many Thanks to all who came to help, and joined in.

Steve from Powarider brought several models, and we had at least three local owners of bikes who happily answered questions.

If you missed the event and would like to know more, or arrange a ‘private ride’ with Powarider, please send an email to info@chiddgreen.org.uk .

Photos of the event will be available shortly.

Going head as Planned!

Despite the rubbish weather we have been having recently, we are going ahead with the event. The forecast for later today is ‘showers’ – we could be lucky!

Powarider have kindly confirmed they will be there with several different bikes to try.

If there are heavy downpours, we will be in The Crown, and will be happy to chat about bikes at the very last.

See you there – Jane

This will be our second electric bike evening, where you can try out different electric bikes, ask questions and get answers from both local owners and a local supplier.


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