Summer Fete 10 June 2012 – Smoothie Stall

Chiddgreen operate a fresh –  locally grown –  fruit smoothie stall at the village fete.

We have the now famous Smoothie Bike for those people energetic enough to pedal their own smoothie.  It certainly gives you a good idea how much energy it takes to do something as simple as turning soft fruit into a smoothie drink!

Come and be a Smoothie Operator!

 – and you can try our smoothies for free if you help!

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Chiddgreen visits Skillway to present a cheque for £500

Last Thursday Jane Devlin presented a cheque for £500 to Skillway, a Godalming based charity. The money raised came from our recent ‘Local Skills Day’ event, which was a great success and we had decided that profits would go to this organisation which is tucked away in

the chapel in Deanery Road with an idyllic view across Godalming. The organisation was set up to provide local youngsters with a base in which to learn a vast array of hands on skills from highly technical processes to creative opportunities.

Whilst we were there some of the young men cheerfully explained what they had been working on and what the purpose of their tasks were, which in one instance included making a device to help aid hoisting a mast for a small boat. Several had been using lathes to turn wood and were combing their skills to make solid wooden side tables constructed using traditional methods. All the youngsters are encouraged to make metal angles which they can then use as their own essential tool.The numerous skills the young people gain from their time with Skillway will enable many of them to broaden their future job prospects and some may become craftsmen or engineers to name but a few.