2015 Theme of the Year – Neighbourhood Plan

Whilst we will continue to host the famous Swap-it days in the Village Hall, and invite interesting people to give us talks and demonstrations, 2015 will see the formulation and drafting of the Chiddingfold Neighbourhood Plan. This document incorporates all the important factors that will shape the village over the next 15 years. From housing to recreation, employment to wellbeing, every planning decision must take the Neighbourhood Plan into account.

If you care about the way the village is evolving, join the mailing list for the Neighbourhood Plan, and get involved. Meetings will be listed here. There are lots of bits of research to be done, so please offer to help!

Dates for 2015
Day and Time Where Featuring More details
Tuesday 27 January 8pm The Villagers Village Plans Choose two of the four groups and agree what research needs to be done to get the best outcomes. Choices!
Saturday 28 March 10am Village Hall Swap it See the web page for how it works
Saturday 17 October 10an Village Hall Swap it See the web page for how it works

2014 Theme of the year –   Up-cycling!

upcycle – to reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.
the opportunity to upcycle things, or turn them into new products, is vast” (Karen Bardell, January 2014)

Chiddgreen 2014 Events – All Free! (unless mentioned)

Day and time Where Featuring More details (link)
Sat 15 Feb Fowlshatch Copse Haslemere Heat Hub Logs for Labour scheme launch event HHH Flier1HHH logo
Wed 26 Feb  8pm Mary’s Church Room Cooking with Culture (sourdough, yogurt and kefir) with plenty to try and take home Page
Sunday March 23 Start 9am Chiddingfold Village Hall Run Forest Run – an 11km adventure muddy fun-race Run-Forest-Run.co.uk (entry fee applies)
Saturday 3 May 10am to noon Village Hall on Coxcombe Lane (outside if the weather is fine Spring Swap-it Day Featuring ‘home-laid’ eggs & Home baked cakes to buy! Swapit day info page
Monday 5 May 1pm – 5pm Haslemere Charter Fair, with TransitionHaslmere stall The Smoothie bike will be operating in the sunshine ( we hope!)
All day Sunday 8 June The Green The Village Fete and the Chiddgreen Smoothie stall With Smoothie Bike
tba A micro Brewery Beer!   Shared cost!
Summer break
Sat 27 September 2014 10 am Lion Green Haslemere Haslemere Food Festival  Lion Green outdoor – tasting competitions and fun for all foodies Map
Sat 4 October 10am Chiddingfold Village Hall (CWR)  Autumn Swap-it day  Flier  swap-it information page
Throughout the year  Woodland volunteering Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Monday afternoons, weather permitting. Fowlshatch Copse Fresh Air and exercise HHH Flier1

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