Chiddgreen Spring Walk

Chiddgreen Spring Walk and AGM

A dozen people came out for a 2 mile stroll around the village. Afterwards we enjoyed  celebrating 20 years of Chiddgreen with cake at our AGM.

The Walk (taking in proposed development sites around the village.)

A warm and pleasant evening walk around the village, taking in some splendid views and catching a glimpse of bluebells in the woods.

We benefited from Christine Tebbot’s commentary about the progress and status of various sites around the village.  Did you know that the official village boundary (set in the 1990s by Waverley Borough Council) excludes some of the older properties that are actually right in the middle of the village?

We all agreed that this is nonsense. And looking forward to the opportunity to have our say in the up-coming  Neighbourhood Plan consultation.  More details on the Parish Website

Discussing the Chiddingfold Neighbourhood Plan

We considered the proposed site for a larger village car-park – the idea will be to extend the village hall and displace cars parked on the Green (hurrah!) to this site on Coxcombe lane. The pond will be landscaped and offer more habitat fro wildlife to flourish.

The open green space behind the homes to the north of Woodside Road is unlikely to be come a ‘Village Green’, but could be a dedicated open space, to enable the activities there to continue: keeping chickens ( see photo below – I am sure those are ducks…) and  space for children to play.

Open Space to the north of Woodside Road

Please sign up to our newsletter to find out when you can join a walk similar to this when the consultation opens in a few weeks.






The AGM started at about 8:10, and was all done by 8 :35.


Chiddgreen Celebrates 20 years with a cake.  We had a quiet year – see the link to the minutes at the bottom of the page.

Chiddgreen Celebrates 20 years with a cake

Jane Devlin is voted as Chair for another year, supported by Rosie as Treasurer Everyone else is happy to be part of the  ‘Inner Circle’. It is a wonderful thing to  contribute by helping to run the Festival Smoothie Stall and Swap-it! events.

Environmental sustainability is our thing – we have links with other green groups and are happy to help with advice and guidance.

We updated the constitution sightly – new version here.

The Neighbourhood Plan is taking shape and we want Chiddingfold to continue to be a wonderful and sustainable village through the proposed plans.

We also meet in the pub for ‘Meet and Green’ conversations. approximately every 8 weeks. Contact us to find out when the next opportunity is.

Full AGM minutes and Chair’s report 

2018 Chiddgreen AGM and Spring Walk

Put a Sustainable Spring in your step – Join us for an evening walk, and afterwards for a short AGM at Penang Farm

Wednesday 9 May at 18:30 – meet at the top of Ridgley Road for a walk through the woods, and afterwards (about 20:00) at Penang Farm for a short review of the year and AGM.

We will be visiting the area of green-space ‘Woodside meadow’  which is the space nominated as open green space.

Map of our route is here

Join at the top of Ridgely Rd, we will be visiting the proposed open green space behind Woodside Road, and then on across the bluebell woods to Penang Farm.

Data protection means we will be updating our Consitution – Comment here.

Other things to talk about

1. The role of Chiddgreen to secure open greenspace for Chiddingfold – provision in the Neighbourhood Plan and Waverley Local Plan.

2. What kind of visits and events shall we plan for 2018 to 2019

3. What are the themes for the coming year?

  • Anyone can come
  • Free to attend
  • And a Surprise….

Swap-it! in the snow!



Thank you! Everyone who came out on the snowiest Swap-it! day ever – we had a lovely community event. There were some amazing swaps – including some lovely toys and small items of furniture, ready to inspire new owners.


On the Swap-it! outsize list, we had a complete chicken house Eglu and run (see

Apparently, the happy new hen-keepers will in fact be the third owners of  this ‘top-notch’ nest. Great donation, and a perfect example of why our local Swap-it! day makes sense.


We also had Max – Chiddingfold’s Mr Fix-it – but because of the snow, not too many people brought things to be mended. I am working with Transition Haslemere to start a ‘Repair Cafe’ – but we think we will need quite a lot of volunteers. Watch this space. In the meantime, Max will be happy to advise and help you keep from throwing useful stuff away.



The next Swap-it! is Saturday 29 September 2018



2018 Swap-it Dates

latest News letter

Spring Swap-it! in the Village Hall 10:00 am sharp 
Saturday 17 March 2018
Please bring useful and clean items that have a bit of life left in them. Dive in and find fabulous nearly-new items to avoid buying new stuff. Either way, Chiddgreen want to make things last longer, and reduce waste. The Community Recycling Centre in Witley accepts any unsuitable items – please don’t abuse this event. We reserve the right to refuse to accept things which are unlikely to be coveted by anyone. If in doubt, you can email me.


Autumn Swap-it! in the Village Hall 10:00 am sharp 
Saturday 29 September  2018  

2017 Swapit

Saturday 18 March

Please bring items to be dropped before 11am.

Village Hall, Chiddingfold – watch out for the large banner on the railings outside.

Bring cakes if you can.