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Thank you for taking an interest in our scheme.logs4supported

 A Community Woodfuel scheme in Woodlands around Haslemere and Chiddingfold

Logs 4 Labour is the umbrella coordinating body, organised by  Chiddgreen (CG), with support from Transition Haslemere (TH) and the National Trust at Swan Barn Farm (SBF).
The scheme is event based, with organised days in the woods.
There is no membership fee. Events are free and open to all, unless otherwise mentioned in the event particulars.
Participation by volunteering labour in the woods is essential to get wood – this differentiates Logs 4 Labour from a firewood business.
Logs are collected at the end of events  – a small donation is requested to keep the scheme going.


TH and CG market the scheme and events. Interested people are added to a Logs 4 Labour mailing list, a subset of the TH mailing
list. (Sign up here) TH and CG publicise Logs 4 Labour on their websites, at events and farmers market stall.

Woodland Owners

The woodland owners decide on activities for their event and agree the event details to be included in the template (See annex 1 below.)

The woodland owners must complete a Risk Assessment for their event – essential to comply with Surrey County Council’s voluntary group insurance. TH and CG are covered by Surrey Green Network insurance for activities including woodland volunteering. A risk
assessment must be carried out and written up before every event. (Help is available, see Annex 2)

Any requirement to do preparatory work for an event is expected to be the woodland
owner’s responsibility. Logs4Labour advocates the use of  a properly qualified professional
woodland worker to do any preparation/making safe in advance of an event.  No
volunteers to use chainsaws.


Volunteers are invited to events by email and requested to confirm attendance in advance. Numbers are important so that tools and refreshments can be provided. Anyone can join in unless there are restrictions at particular events requested by woodland owners.

Volunteers are only invited for the duration of the event, and visits at any other time must be with the woodland owner’s permission. Please respect others’ privacy!

Volunteers should bring protective gloves and wear boots.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring appropriate hand-tools, although there will be some available (loaned by SBF).

Volunteers may take a share of logs at the end of an event in return for a small donation.

To keep things fair and equitable, the logs are measured in ‘bagfuls’. The bags we are are one eighth of a cubic metre in size.

Logs 4 Labour sell bags at £3 each.


The suggested donations are: £10 for a car-load of logs

£3 a bagful for softwoods and

£8 a bagful for hardwoods. (when available)

Participants don’t have to buy a bag to collect logs, but the logs are measured in bagfuls.

Income raised from donations for logs will be split split two-thirds to the woodland owner and one-third to Logs 4 Labour. Cash collected at the end of an event.  For example,  a collection of  £60 will be split £40 to the woodland owner and £20 to L4L.

TH looks after the finances for Logs 4 Labour. It is a ‘cash’ account and spreadsheet with L4L cash income and expenditure is available on Google docs (anyone with the address may view this document, maintained by Jane Devlin and Clive Ardagh).

Apart from small essentials, such as first aid kit and safety tape,
Logs 4 Labour will avoid acquiring assets to avoid issues with storage, maintenance, security and so on. Tools are loaned by  National Trust (SBF) for use at events. Participants are encouraged to bring their own tools to events.

Jane and Bruce have about 6 small axes, and two bilhooks, all maintained by them and available to share.


Some preparation chainsaw work may be paid for by L4L as long as it is essential for safety,  approved in advance by Jane/Clive/Clive and the scheme has sufficient funds to cover the cost.

Some woodland owners will have additional ‘services’ and may offer these to volunteers at their own discretion. It is anticipated that the woodland owner will make a donation to the L4L scheme to reflect the value of marketing received.

For example, Imbhams is offering a wood plus storage scheme with a limited number of
participants. Imbhams also plans to have non-wood collecting days in the woods, for example a
bluebell walk, to which it will invite Logs 4 Labour participants.

Other events hosted in the woodlands, such as BBQ picnics, bronze smelting will be on a shared cost basis.

Annex 1 Event Details – Example



Marshlands – Woodland Renovation Project

Location and Directions Marshlands,[address and postcode].From Linchmere Road B2131, turn onto Hammer Lane …snip…add driving directions…snip….eg  sign ‘Welcome to West Sussex’. (Parking available on Hammer Lane.)
Date and Time Saturday 26th April  2014     10am until 2pm
Contact Matthew Lloyd  and Jo Mayers (owners) Mobile: 07980 121582  Email: myharveyjo@yahoo.co.uk
Tasks and equipment 10.00am – Meet at yard for welcome introduction and safety briefing.10.30am – Tour of woodland and explanation of activities.11.00am – ‘Hands on work’ in the woodland.1.30pm   – Picnic lunch (please bring own picnic).[Tools: loppers, axe, billhook, saw, rake, wheelbarrow]
Objective Renovation of woodland to include thinning out of dead or fallen trees.
Nice to know ‘Marshlands’ has a wealth of historic value and interest and once formed part of the Weald Ironworks known as ‘Pophole Hammer’.  Although there is still some evidence of the ironworks, the area has since returned back to native woodland.  The site mainly consists of approximately 2.5 acres of native deciduous trees such as oak, willow, beech, lime, hazel & birch.  Further information on this site can be found in the book written by Greta A. Turner ‘Shottermill’ its farms, families and mills.
Logs Logs will be available to take away on the day (Donations for Logs £10 per bag).

General Event Information

It is recommended that you wear wellington boots and a pair of gardening-gloves.

Some tools are available to borrow, but it is helpful if you bring your own hand tools on the list if you have them.

Only hand tools are allowed for insurance reasons.

Children over the age of 12 are welcome as long as they are supervised by a responsible adult. Sorry this woodland is not suitable for dogs.

Refreshments: please bring water to drink and a picnic lunch.





Annex 2 Risk Assessment Example


Event Name Contact
Event Date Name and Contact number



  1 & 2 = L3 & 4 = M6 & 9 = H
  FREQ.(1,2,3) SEV.(1,2,3) RISK(f x s)  
1 Contact with hand tools  Participants Cuts and bruises  Advise participants on correct use at the beginning of the event. Verify periodically that participants are using tools safely. Provide guidance on space around each person working, as appropriate for the tool.Damaged or worn tools removed immediately ( to be repaired or for maintenance.) 2  2 4 M
2 Working on Roadside Participants,Road users (public) Struck by vehicle, Injury or death  Struck by vehicle, activity causes collision directly or indirectly to traffic When working near a road participants to wear high visibility tabard. Work area clearly marked.Traffic cone(s) placed to warn road-users When loading, post a look-out. 2 1 2 L
3 Uneven ground, branches and other obstacles – slips trips and falls  Participants Minor Sprains and bruises.    Keep site and materials tidy.Identify potential hazards before work, and cordon off danger areas. Route of any manual handling of material must be kept clear (see also Manual Handling). 2 1 2 M
4 Manual handling  Participants Back strain, pulled muscles All participants advised in safe lifting and handling techniques.Use wheelbarrows, or other aids to reduce  or remove manual handling hazards. Plan lifting and moving of material.Advise participants that wet material is heavier than its dry counterpart. Work rotated among participants to allow rest.  2 1 2 M
6  Add more   Participants result Mitigation and advice 1 1 1 Work it out!
   Add more   Participants result Mitigation and advice 1 1 1 Work it out!
   Add more   Participants result Mitigation and advice 1 1 1 Work it out!
   Add more   Participants result Mitigation and advice 1 1 1 Work it out!
   Add more   Participants result Mitigation and advice 1 1 1 Work it out!
       Add more   Participants result Mitigation and advice 1 1 1 Work it out!





Check previous version
Woodland Owner Name (s) and contact Number Prepared/ Printed date 12 month  2014





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