Logs 4 Labour

Whether you want logs

          fresh-air and exercise orLogs4Labour

                     help with a woodland you own, join us!

Launched in 2014, the Logs 4 Labour aims to bring our lovely local woodlands back into use.

Woodland owners offer days for volunteers to help manage woods, and volunteers collect logs for wood-burners.

Everyone wins! Woodlands are better cared for, and wood as a fuel is the logical choice for renewable energy in Surrey. Along the way, we all get more fresh air and exercise, and biodiversity is improved.  Truly a great idea!

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  • Events listing – All the events are hosted, offer tea and cake and  are FREE! (takes you to another website)
  • Children and dogs welcome (unless otherwise noted in the event details)
  • Logs are measured in ‘Bagfuls’ – a small donation is requested to maintain the scheme. More details about How it works here.



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