This is what we do

Chiddgreen is a small environmental charity based in Chiddingfold, Surrey.

We host two ” Swap-It Day ” events in the village Hall aimed at extending the life of the things we use.

We host talks on environmental and local resilience,  organize visits to places of interest, offer lift-shares to other green events hosted by groups in our area, and opportunities to try something green -like the electric bike try-out evening on the Green that had everyone smiling.

We support a woodland revival project, also part of the Haslemere Heat Hub –  ‘Logs for labour’

All our events are FREE

…but we do ask for donations to keep us going!

We make and sell smoothies at the Village fete, and you can buy Hessian bags, and home-made elderflower cordial.

There is more about our constitution  and our values on other pages.

For more information about the events we runplease see the diary of events organised by Chiddgreen

Swap-It Day Information

Try out an Electric bike – the last word in personal eco-transport!

Local Skills showcase

Smoothie Stall at the Village Fete

Hire our Smoothie Bike! (email

If we can live sustainably in Chiddingfold, you can do it anywhere! We are not big enough to be a Transition Town, but we like to think we are a

Vanguard Village!




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