Our Values

ChiddGreen promotes sustainable living in Chiddingfold.IMG_2982chiddgreen-background1.jpg

We host events that promote sustainable living and encourage  activities to inspire positive change for the environment.

Our areas of interest  include advice on energy efficiency, renewable energy,  and wildlife-friendly gardening. We aim to support  local shops, promote local skills, and work for sustainable transport solutions (safe routes to school, electric bike try-out events). We hold our famous Swap-it days twice a year that achieve a significant reduction in waste. And we collaborate with the Parish Council and Transition Haslemere on activities that protect the local environment.

Chiddgreen organises talks and debates, arranges events to swap and share local skills, and can help to arrange energy audits to promote energy efficiency in conjunction with Action Surrey.

Membership is open to all: if you live or work in Chiddingfold and share our interests, you  are welcome to join. We don’t have a membership fee, and most of our events are also usually free, to encourage wide participation. We have a newsletter, delivered by email. (Subscribe to the newsletter at http://chiddgreen.org.uk/privacy-policy/)

The group is run and managed by a small committee led by Jane Devlin. We meet periodically -email for more details. info@chiddgreen.org.uk

We don’t have any formal funding, but we do raise money by running a ‘smoothie stall’ at the Village Festival in June each year. We usually ask for donations for attending other events.  The money is spent on hiring local venues for our events. Any surplus funds are donated either to the Community Fund or to charities with a local connection whose purposes are aligned with  the aim of Chiddgreen.

You can learn more from reading our Constitution.

If it’s to do with the environment and our community then it’s a subject for Chiddgreen!

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