ChiddgreenIMG_3639 bag make chiddingfold greener

Promoting sustainable living in the Surrey village of Chiddingfold. Our events are all FREE and open to everyone.

Join us for Events aimed at waste reduction, sustainable transport, local resilience and protecting our environment.

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 AGM 2014

 AGM Agenda 2014 (opens in Google Docs in a new window)

Papers: Minutes from 2013 (see link below)
Chair’s report (to be provided)

Treasurer’s Report (to be provided)


AGM 2013

Chiddgreen AGM2013 Minutes (opens in Google Docs as pdf)

AGM 2012

Please find minutes here

Chiddgreen AGM2012 JED

Archive of AGM minutes

ChiddGreen constitution March 2012    ACCEPTED  April 14 2012.


1998 Chiddgreen Constitution (transcribed)


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